Zebrawood F# Native American Flute for Sale

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I know Lei and was there when she purchased this flute. We met the builder and learned about his instruments (he also makes quality dulcimers). The tone is as beautiful as the craftsmanship on the flute. The High Spirits case is heavily padded and well constructed. You shouldn't have any reservations about dealing with Lei...a kind soul. (If I didn't already have a sufficient collection of flutes, I'd be purchasing it.) 

Leila Maier
Leila Maier
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Zebrawood is a very prized and expensive African hardwood. It has very distinct and beautiful grain patterns of black/brown alternating with cream/tan. It is a coarse grained wood with open pores. Native American style flues made of zebrawood tend to have a mellower quality of tone. This six-hole flute comes with a padded double flute case along with 2 music books and teaching cd.  $234
(shipping and insurance at expense of buyer)

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