Warren May 1990 Mahogany Dulcimer Excellent condition

Ellen Rice
Ellen Rice
3 weeks ago
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I opened the case and gasped at what was within -- a lovely mahogany dulcimer made by Warren May. I don't think this dulcimer ever spent much time out of its case. It came to us as a donation from an estate to be used to teach. I replaced the middle and melody strings and tuned it to DAA and it sounds lovely. 

The documentation indicates it was made 11/90 by Warren May. It has peg tuners and no 6.5 fret. It comes with a noter and fiberboard case. There is no mustiness. Very, very nice condition. 

I'd like to get this into hands that play DAA and can finesse the peg tuners. We'll use the purchase price to pickup an affordable dulcimer that is suitable for a beginning student who may be unskilled in tuning. You acquire, a beginner benefits!  $300 plus $50 for shipping (lower 48 US states).