Citera - Hungarian folk chromatic dulcimer, for sale

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Hi, I have a citera for sale. Here is a description I wrote, and a photo: The citera is a Hungarian folk instrument similar to the Appalachian dulcimer. It is played either by sliding a noter along the fretboard or by picking notes with the fingers. The fretboard has two sets of frets so you can play a full chromatic scale. It also has a number of additional drone strings. This is a "prim" citera, with the main frets giving the notes of the key of C (starting at G) and the drone strings tuned to C and G. You can easily retune the C drones to D and play in the key of G.
For examples of citera playing possibilities, check out youtube for Felix Lajko and Ricardo Gallardo, among others.
This citera was crafted in Hungary by Laszlo Kovacs in 2016. It is in excellent condition and sounds amazing.

I am asking $400 + shipping. Would very much prefer to have the instrument picked up in Chicago - Walton Place just off Michigan Avenue - no shipping of course & pick-up price negotiable.

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