Folkroots standard dulcimer $300

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FOLK ROOTS standard dulcimer for sale

 (Selling for a dear dulcimer-playing friend.)

Label says “Folk Roots Dulcimers USA by Ruggs & Jackel.” D400 – S and underneath that is 077. (D= deep body and S = Spruce top I believe.)

Built in 1977, hourglass shape, standard size, in very good condition; no scratches or cracks – just minimal normal wear.

Deep-body build, possibly built while they were part of CapriTaurus.

Sounds full, deep and fantastic

Back and sides are probably mahogany with a reddish tint – top is likely spruce based upon the inside label

Fretboard looks like mahogany

It does have the 6 ½ fret but no 13 ½ fret.

VSL (scale length) is 29.”  The longer scale results in great balance and good projection. I have small hands and find the fretting actually easy. My friend bought this for her husband to play – but he never pursued learning the dulcimer.

4 chrome enclosed tuners believed to be Grovers; currently strung as a 3-string (uses ball-end strings).

No odors, very clean.

2 chrome strap buttons, new strings

Length overall is 36,” lower bout = 7 ¾” wide, upper bout is 5 ½” wide, nut is 1 3/8” wide.

Sides are a little less than 2.5” deep. Weighs about 2 ½ pounds – it’s really very lightweight.

No case, but a sturdy like-new chipboard case can be included for an additional $40

This is the classic large-body design which originated in the 1960s. This may be a part of the West Coast dulcimer history! SHE IS ASKING BEST OFFER OVER $300 + shipping. This is an amazingly low price. 48 hour approval – refund of the purchase price if the dulcimer isn’t as expected (less all shipping costs).  

Located in San Diego. More pictures available. Thanks for looking!