Peardrop Style Lap Dulcimer by Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips
2 months ago
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I posted a YouTube video link to a previous Peardrop model today.  It is called "Daves's Peardrop 4".  I have

an instrument exactly like that one (Sapele/Sitka Spruce) here and they sound just about exactly the same (it is also  available, but I have not advertised it yet0.  Please watch it and let me know what you think.  I can certainly make a video of this one, if you would like.

Thank you,

Jim Phillips.

Gary Warnock
Gary Warnock
2 months ago
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Hi, love the design.  Do you have any YouTube videos of it?

Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips
2 months ago
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My own original design - "Peardrop" style lap dulcimer. 

Walnut Body with Spalted Maple Soundboard

25 inch VSL

The 11 inch wide body develops a beautiful, resonant sound with exceptional volume and sustain.

Body is 2 inches deep and approximately 36 inches long.

Condition - NEW

Price is $735.00 with free shipping to continental USA

Please private message me for a complete specification sheet or if you have questions.

Jim Phillips Dulcimers

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