What's the real difference between Baritone dulcimer

Stephen Addison
2 years ago
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My McSpadden baritone is tuned AEA and is the same size as my standard McSpadden.  The major differences are guitar head versus scroll and the string length compensation is more obvious.  The baritone is rapidly becoming my favorite

Dusty Turtle
2 years ago
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George, Noah is basically correct.  A baritone is tuned about a fifth below a standard dulcimer to G or A.  So the strings are usually much heavier, usually involving a wound string both for the bass and middle string.  I would venture to say that most luthiers use a larger box to and longer vibrating string length to get the deeper tones and longer sustain, but not all do, and some luthiers make baritones that are no longer than their standard dulcimers.


As Noah mentions, there is a goup here at FOTMD devoted solely to baritone dulciemrs. Check them out!

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Estes George
2 years ago
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Thanks Noah I have seen that they seem close in size, so was also thinking can you just tune a larger dulcimer differently.

By the way, liked the song you did on video,

Noah Aikens
2 years ago
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Average baritones are around the same size as larger standard dulcimers (I think). I know that they have different size strings and are about five steps lower. There is a group to learn about it.                                             

Estes George
2 years ago
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Is it bigger, deeper tone, just differently tuned, I have all standard except for Ginger and an odd one called Cellomer, that has a very deep tone because of the size being so much bigger than standard.

 Thanks folks, you all are always so helpful. George, in Estes Park Colorado

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