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Just watched the trailer for Robert Redford film 'A Walk in the Woods'. The movie may need to wait a bit but understand what you are talking about. Glad you enjoyed it, beautiful scenery but I think I would need to drive not walk it.

Ken Longfield
5 months ago
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It really is a funny movie, but as Jan said, you should read the book. My sides hurt so much from laughing as I read it.


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Jan Potts
5 months ago
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Helen, "A Walk in the Woods" --the movie--is just a small part of the book of the same title by Bill Bryson.  The book is even funnier than the movie--a great read!

Jan Potts, Lexington, KY
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Helen Seiler
5 months ago
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I watched the Robert Redford film 'A Walk in the Woods' yesterday. It was so great to see the Appalachia scenery.. nice soundtrack too and lots of laughs.

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This thread has no theme and it has no end. Just drop by and express yourself with your random thoughts or various goings-on in your life. The subjects will drift from one thing to another, from one member to another. This is the thread where you never have to stay 'on topic'. :D

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