A Dulcimer Related White Elephant Gift!

one month ago
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Funny! You've got me thinking of doing something like that. From the sounds of it, I sing about as good as you. I should do the same and give it to my friend who plays mando in our bluegrass band. He's always saying he will kill me if I sing and it turns out I have a good voice (I don't). It would be worth it to see the look on his face. laughlaugh

D. chitwood
D. chitwood
one month ago
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I do believe I've come up with the bestest white elephant gift ever!

Oh! Merry Christmas!

Ok...for starters, I can't sing. Not a lick! But I love to sing and everyone knows I'm not a performer. SO...here's where the funny gift idea comes in!

I took a photo of myself holding my dulcimer with Christmas garland draped around my shoulders and printed it off with the words 'Sing along with ME! Dulcimer Christmas Tunes! All of your favorites!' and inserted it into an empty DVD case, so it looks like a CD with me singing and playing Christmas tunes.

NOT something anybody would want to hear, LOL!!!

What's gonna be funny is that people won't know if I'm serious or not and I have no doubt more than one nervous giggle will come out  (Is she serious?? I don't want to hurt her feeling!) Laugh

And the best part is.....inside the case there is NOT a CD of me singling and playing but instead a $25 lotto scratch off Christmas tree ticket with multiple chances to win. 

And I have no doubt, NO DOUBT, my Daddy will steal the gift from whomever first opens it and bless his heart, he'll be so disappointed when he finds out it isn't really me playing and singing, LOL!!

I thought about giving it to my daughter's boyfriend as a joke gift just to see her mortification tic but chose to resist the temptation! giggle2

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