I Voted

Robin Thompson
Robin Thompson
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Marg, very cool ambient music!  Fall has arrived here in Ohio and it is a beautiful time of year.  

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This Sound played on my Dulciborn, I created on the Boss GT-1, after I voted. I'm titling this short piece 'I Voted' after playing around with the soothing sounds, notes, hammer on's & pull offs.



First Day, Early Voting (10/13/2020) - After receiving my 'Mail -in Ballot', I had decided I wanted to vote in person - Once making my way up the voting line, I first needed to fill out a cancellation form before I could vote. A Judge was there to validate the form and take my 'Mail in Ballot' to cancel it.

After several phone calls to the county office and different ways they said what I was to do at the Election Site - this was the way I finally was able to vote, all kinda strange - Anything to make sure my vote counts!!!

Fall weather is coming, enjoy it and keep on strumming