Bing Futch Workshop: Learn to Play Bass Dulcimer 8/31/22

Bing Futch
Bing Futch
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The bass plays a very important part in song arrangements, supplying chordal and rhythmic support.  It can be quite simple and fun to come up with bass parts for mountain dulcimer and I'll show you how in this online workshop taking place August 31, 2022 at 7 pm EDT.


We'll start with simple patterns and exercises for pedal tones and pendulum bass styles before delving into passing tones, walking bass, and groove-centered lines.  You'll discover how to play these styles for different chords and keys, adding percussive effects for solid rhythm.


I'll also share with you the many different ways to actually play your standard dulcimer as a bass, from swapping the strings to using an octave pedal or just buying an actual bass dulcimer, I cover all the basses (haha.)  We'll also get into other gear like cables and amps so that your bass playing can actually be heard, felt, and appreciated!


Registration is $19   and that includes video of the workshop made available to you along with all the other resources.  Only 40 slots are available and my Patreon subscribers can attend for free.  In addition, by registering for this workshop, you are automatically eligible for 10% off the price of   Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer   in the online store.    Add it to your cart   along with your registration and the discount is automatically applied.


I'm looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month!

Blessings of music,