A Bump in the Road

Robin Thompson
last year
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Randy, I get the bumps bad sometimes.  And have, finally, learned not to fret over it.  (No pun intended.) They always go away.  Until they come back.  haha A trick that works for me sometimes is to lighten up with my right hand and the left hand usually relaxes some, too, and I note smoother.  I enjoy my diatonics and I enjoy the dulcimers with the 6.5, too-- there's just some times I want that fret! 

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Ken Hulme
last year
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Interesting observation, Grasshopper.  Looking and thinking and focussing past the surface, as we do with techniques like brick breaking, really do work.  I found it easier to teach myself to just ease up of the downward pressure on the noter as I make those long moves across a number of frets.

Randy Adams
last year
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When I started playing the noter way I had trouble getting over the frets I didn't want to play on my way to the fret I did want to play...w/o the noter going bumpbumpbump. In fact I took off my 6+ fret for while. They are so close together and I couldn't differentiate between the two.

One day I was pondering this conundrum and came to mind the movie Bloodsport.....the part where the karate guy breaks bricks...not all of them....just the one on the bottom of the stack.

Somehow this analogy freed me from the physical, the technical, aspect of producing the sound and allowed me to just go for it. I wasn't immediately relieved of the bumpbump but I didn't dwell on it anymore and it went away on it's own....& I put the 6+ fret back on!


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