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Location: Watertown, TN
Country: US

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Retired technical writer, active jewelry maker and glass artist. I'm about to build my first two dulcimers. One is a cigar box dulcimer, the other a Tennessee Music Box style.

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Gary F Smith

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Gary F Smith

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Gary F Smith

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Ben Seymour
02/15/15 05:35:41PM @ben-seymour:

Hi Gary. I just did bookmatching both directions and used a brace right over where the horizontal match was done. Then I used a thin spruce piece with opposite grain orientation running up the long seam just like on the back of guitars.


Sue Simms
12/07/10 07:19:49PM @sue-simms:
Welcome Gary ! The Dulcimer is what your lookig for Grin.gif
Bill Lewis
12/07/10 07:53:59AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Gary. Grin.gif
12/07/10 12:00:43AM @strumelia:
Hi Gary, I love the sound of accordions!
Rod Westerfield
12/06/10 10:26:02PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Gary glad ya joined the FOTMD family.. 103.gif