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Location: Edinburgh
Country: Scotland

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Edinburgh Visit

Hi Friends, just to let you know that Mark Nelson, former USA dulcimer...
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12/01/15 07:46:33PM @brian2:

sent you an e-mail Gordon

11/05/15 09:40:28AM @brian2:

hey gordy ... hoping to be in edinburgh soon if ye fancy a meet up ... 

Marion Seaman
05/21/14 04:48:50PM @marion-seaman:
thanks gordon - will check the link outcheers, marion
Marion Seaman
05/19/14 04:11:12PM @marion-seaman:
Hi Gordonthinking of coming up for the festival in sept at long niddry. can you give me any idea of what else goes at the festival during the week? Also - what would be the situation for camping with our motorhome?thanks Marion
Patricia Delich
04/28/14 01:48:20PM @patricia-delich:

Thanks Gordon! Wayne and I are looking forward to meeting you too.

Christina Murrie
02/12/14 08:05:11AM @christina-murrie:

Hi Gordon. Can you tell me how often Peter's Wee Group meets and whereabouts in Edinburgh?

David E.Hall
03/28/13 12:30:29PM @david-ehall:

Strange experience this afternoon- a large round sort of shape appeared in the sky and was very bright and the clouds (I think thats what they are ) had turned a sort of blue colour. the wind was still blowing but not as bad as it has been and when you stand in the light you get a sort of warm feeling.Have you had this sort of thing happen to you.

Hi by the way , Gordon were you one of the tall gernts from Scotland at the Spring Thing? Got to go now there's 2 men in white coats waiting with some sort of special jacket they want me to try on .Grin.gif

Allan Dunn
01/14/13 01:18:30PM @allan-dunn:

Hello Gordon. Nice to hear from you. A get-the-gither and a wee sing-song some time would be just rare!

Just need to finish doin' ma accoonts then I'll see how much is left in the piggy-bank for a hauf and a hauf!

Allan D

Sally Whytehead
12/10/12 05:11:02PM @sally-whytehead:

looking forward to that - winter days where I can get out in the light!

11/29/12 08:20:00PM @brian2:

hi to you gordon ... ive just joined here today n already liking it... as i said to peter fae stobo a wee bit ago... we're practically neighbours and i'm in auld reekie a lot so maybe a meet up et al at a later date ... slainte

Gayle Maurer
08/17/12 05:57:58PM @gayle-maurer:

Welcome, Gordon! Edinburgh is on my list of places I must visit in my lifetime. My ancestors came from Scotland (my mother was a MacDonald). I am new to the mountain dulcimer but fell in love with the sound when I heard one at a local art fair. Had to have one. I am going through the Jean Ritchie book myself.

08/13/12 06:34:36PM @foggers:

Hi Gordon - always nice to see another memberfrom the right side of the Big Pond. There are a few FOTMD players in the vicinity of Auld Reekie!

Karen Keane
08/12/12 07:08:40PM @karen-keane:

Hello and welcome to the site.

Karen Keane
08/12/12 07:01:01PM @karen-keane:

Hello and welcome to the site.

John Keane
08/12/12 06:32:01PM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to FOTMD!

doug curran
08/12/12 05:28:49PM @doug-curran:

Hi Gordon,

Nice to meet you on Saturday, at the Scottish Autoharp weekend and good to hear you play my dulcimers. Thanks also for your kind remarks, they were most appreciated. As you know my very first Obair Na Ghaol autoharp was on display there, and it was a huge encouragement to find that it was so warmly received by so many experienced players.

Hope to meet up with you again sometime,


Carrie Barnes
08/12/12 03:43:31PM @carrie-barnes:

Hey Gordon, and Welcome to FOTMD! Great site, even greater folks here, hope you enjoy!Grin.gif

Marion Seaman
08/12/12 11:00:23AM @marion-seaman:
hi gordon.marion
John Henry
08/12/12 08:42:22AM @john-henry:

Hello Gordon, a welcome to you from the UK/Euopean group within FOTMD, glad to have you with us! Who made your dulcimer ?, it would have been unusual to have seen one in a music shop over here that many years ago ?


Benjamin W Barr Jr
08/12/12 08:21:02AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Gordon, and welcome to the world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn and exchange ideas about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.

Ben Smile.gif