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Happy Land

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Helen Seiler
02/17/14 05:05:26PM @helen-seiler:
Hello there Leslie. The tab site is Everythingdulcimer.com. just click the 'tablature' section. My lovely dulcimer is a Ron Gibson Kentucky model in figured maple and aromatic red cedar. Ron has a website so if you Google Ron Gibson dulcimers, then onto site will come up near top of the list. I have extra light strings on her (Lucille) for my weak hands. She has a big sound that I love.
Helen Seiler
02/06/14 06:29:54PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Sharon...its a fun one to play.
Sharon Hall
02/06/14 05:16:45PM @sharon-hall:

SO PRETTY Helen.... I really enjoyed it!

Helen Seiler
02/06/14 04:50:55PM @helen-seiler:
Thank you Guy.
Guy Babusek
02/06/14 02:05:33PM @guy-babusek:

Very nice, indeed!

Helen Seiler
02/04/14 09:06:14PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching Gregory.
Greg Patterson
02/04/14 08:45:14PM @greg-patterson:

Very nice!

Helen Seiler
02/03/14 12:07:46AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watchingthe Rick...and I am very happy to be your friend. Thank you for the invitation.
Rick Kennedy
02/02/14 10:48:02PM @rick-kennedy:

Thanks for posting this. I like "Flint Hill"'s version, too! Inspired me to play a version noter/drone style. Maybe I'll post a vid as a compliment. Your video is so clear--the visual and the audio with the "ambient" chirps and things--feels like I am there. (Love the shirt, too!). Thanks a bunch for posting--made my day!

Carla Maxwell
02/02/14 07:47:37PM @carla-maxwell:

I'm in Daylesford right now.

Helen Seiler
02/02/14 04:00:37PM @helen-seiler:
Thank you Carla. Which end of the world are you in at the moment?
Carla Maxwell
02/02/14 06:22:04AM @carla-maxwell:

Hi Helen, That sounded great! I love that tune. 41.gif

Helen Seiler
02/01/14 07:39:08PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching Stephanie. I am down to one hurdy now but he sure likes to sing along with my dulcimer. He has a favourite Celtic fiddle cd too.
Helen Seiler
01/31/14 08:44:17PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks John Henry, will do.

Helen Seiler
01/31/14 08:40:18PM @helen-seiler:

Ken, that would be nice. Temperature here todayis heading for 104 degrees. So I was out walking my dogs and watering the garden pretty early.

Helen Seiler
01/31/14 08:39:07PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks again for watching Dana and Robin.

John Henry
01/31/14 06:58:08PM @john-henry:

Helen, appro your 'one woman band comment', check out the videos made by blue hand, he has a couple of interesting 'apps' in his playing ?


Ken Backer
01/31/14 04:53:15PM @ken-backer:

Helen, if I could afford it I would grab my didj and fly over to play with you and your singing bird! Tell me again what the temperature is there, we have more ice and snow coming tomorrow

Dana R. McCall
01/31/14 04:34:20PM @dana-r-mccall:

Helen again great job, keep it up!Grin.gif

Robin Thompson
01/31/14 04:29:54PM @robin-thompson:

Beautifully played, my friend! And you keep a nice solid tempo! It's a struggle for me much of the time to play a reliable tempo.