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Country: AU

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Helen Seiler
12/31/14 12:47:03AM @helen-seiler:

Thank you so much Tommy.

Helen Seiler
12/31/14 12:46:05AM @helen-seiler:

Maybe............thanks for listening John P.

Ken Backer
12/30/14 02:09:50PM @ken-backer:

JH... so that is you, eh? I'm sure there is an interesting story behind that photograph.

John Henry
12/30/14 12:03:03PM @john-henry:

Ken, just for clarification, that photo is of me ! Our loyal leader has the memory and the ability to be able to resurrect 'that object which suits !' every time. Thanks a bunch Strumelia !!!


John Henry
12/30/14 10:21:44AM @john-henry:

Apology accepted Mr Backer, lol


Ken Backer
12/30/14 09:53:48AM @ken-backer:

Lisa, what a great photo. Only thing missing is bird on the shoulder. I'm sure Helen would have lent her feathered friend for the picture.

Ken Backer
12/30/14 09:40:52AM @ken-backer:

JH, sorry for the "drunken English sailor" thing. I really meant noble and outstanding in conduct brave and true English explorers. I grew up in the flat land of North Dakota. In the upper central part are the Turtle Mountains. What they really should be called is "the slightly higher than the surrounding land hills".Grin.gif

Marvin T (Tommy) Huntsman
12/30/14 01:12:01AM @marvin-t-tommy-huntsman:

Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy using the Capo (sometimes). Keep up the good work.


Helen Seiler
12/29/14 10:50:39PM @helen-seiler:

Thanks for watching Cindy.

Mount Blowhard is aptly named..............not a tree on it and at the end of a long valley that winter winds howl up (well howl by our standards.....again, nothing like US and Europe..........but we've got a big rock in the middle of us, that counts for something doesn't it Grin.gif

Helen Seiler
12/29/14 10:47:13PM @helen-seiler:

Arrrrgh Ken and John and Strumelia, they be drunken miners!

Cindy Stammich
12/29/14 10:23:22PM @cindy-stammich:

Sounds so pretty Helen! Got a great "mountain" song there eh???

Sorry, I couldn't resist Grin.gif

Seriously......so pretty!

12/29/14 08:35:19PM @strumelia:

John Henry
12/29/14 06:35:24PM @john-henry:

Sorry Helen, had to get that out of the way !!! Very nice, thanks for sharing


John Henry
12/29/14 06:34:19PM @john-henry:

I heard that Ken Backer ! Drunken English sailors indeed ! As if !


Ken Backer
12/29/14 06:17:22PM @ken-backer:

Was it drunken English sailors that named those mountains near you? When you are "tipsy" anything can look pretty high.

Helen Seiler
12/29/14 04:11:47PM @helen-seiler:
I like that Ken...wish I lived near it. Locally we have Mt Disappointment, Mt Buninyong and Mt Blowhard (seriously ). Mind u, what we call a mountain in Oz is barely a pimple compared to the rest of the world. I think settlers figured if a hill had any sort of view then they would call it a mountain. Seeing a real mountain is on my bucket list.
Ken Backer
12/29/14 03:14:39PM @ken-backer:

Helen, your creative juices are a'flowing. Nice tune. How's about an Aussie name like "Dawn Over Mt.Warning".

Helen Seiler
12/28/14 09:32:52PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks so much Patty. It beats me where they are coming from. I just put it down to the ease and beauty of the dulcimer.
Patty from Virginia
12/28/14 09:23:40PM @patty-from-virginia:

Helen, that's a sweet mellow tune. You've been coming up with some good ones. I wish I could do that.Smile.gif