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Kilts Away

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Duration: 00:01:19
Mountain dulcimer original tune (hopefully) featuring Murphy the dog who took the title too literally it seems. Tune named prior to clip being made...honest....we may have to rate this clip.
Helen Seiler
01/29/16 02:53:50AM @helen-seiler:

Thanks Donald.

Donald DePoy
01/28/16 05:15:16PM @donald-depoy:

Nice tune! Thanks for sharing... d

03/31/15 09:44:43AM @mandy:

HAHA I love it when dogs do this. It makes for a great video clip. Mine are always trying to basically push me off of whatever seat I chose in the house during video time. LOL

Helen Seiler
03/30/15 09:14:51AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks so much for your kind words Pam.
Anne Bowman
03/30/15 08:16:27AM @anne-bowman:

LIke the way Pam was able to make really relevant comments, rising above the presence of Murphy and getting to the heart of the video.....

Helen Seiler
03/29/15 07:20:48AM @helen-seiler:
Hee hee hee JH. That fits perfectly.
John Henry
03/29/15 06:58:30AM @john-henry:

Chuckle, been around a long time, a means of expressing derision? Think putting a thumb of one hand to your nose, fingers uppermost, which you then 'waggle' !!! Obviously Murphy does'nt have fingers, soooo......

best wishes


Helen Seiler
03/29/15 06:52:37AM @helen-seiler:
Dare I ask the meaning of that expression JH. Yep, I do love my noter. Thanks for watching.
John Henry
03/29/15 06:46:50AM @john-henry:

Perhaps a new take on the phrase 'Cocking a Snoot' ?


(good to see a noter being used !)

Helen Seiler
03/29/15 06:14:30AM @helen-seiler:
What can I say Anne and JK...it was too embarrassing not to share. He seems proud of what he has done to my video....I dont recall the rescue shelter mentionjng the exhibitionist side of his personality...I think he may be dressed in his PJs next time I record.
Anne Bowman
03/29/15 05:42:48AM @anne-bowman:

Face it ... Murphy doesn't know the meaning of the word 'shy'.

He obviously wanted to upstage Helen, or sabotage her video so she'd give him the attention he feels is his due... And he has succeeded somewhat. Here I am commenting on Murphy, and not on the nice job Helen did on the dulcimer. His evil plan to divert attention to himself at Helen's expense has succeeded.

John Keane
03/29/15 05:29:23AM @john-keane:

Nice tune, Helen! At least Murphy isn't shy of the camera! Grin.gif

Anne Bowman
03/29/15 04:11:41AM @anne-bowman:

Hmmm, not the most modest of dogs is he .... 71.gif39.gif

Helen Seiler
03/28/15 12:35:20AM @helen-seiler:
A Scottish Terrior in a Shitzu suit Geekling...well almost a suit. Murphy's Law indeed. Thanks for taking a peek. :D
Helen Seiler
03/28/15 12:32:16AM @helen-seiler:
I will have to get Murph a kilt too Benjamin. Thanks for watching..
Ben Barr Jr
03/27/15 07:22:47PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Well, this Scottish laddie will sometimes be seen wearing a kilt.Smile.gif

Lois Sprengnether Keel
03/26/15 12:58:18AM @lois-sprengnether-keel:

Even though I try to keep Facebook to a minimum, sometimes I miss the Thumbs Up. Your comment and some of the others here would get that from me. Guess I'll settle for aSmile.gif

Helen Seiler
03/26/15 12:51:01AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks so much Dusty.
Helen Seiler
03/26/15 12:49:47AM @helen-seiler:
Hi Lois. Thanks for watching. Secretly I think Murphy was pretty pleased with his cameo.
Dusty Turtle
03/25/15 11:59:22PM @dusty-turtle:

No commnet on Murphy. I'm too embarrassed. I guess it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt.

Nice playing, Helen. Your right hand is rock steady these days.