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Willow Stream Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:01:34
Tune of my own in DAd on Ron Gibson 6 string md. Guest appearance by Murphy ....again. i had to drop pic quality to tighten file size. Hopefully audio ok.
Helen Seiler
04/29/15 06:14:10PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching Christine.
Christine Shoemaker
04/29/15 11:00:41AM @christine-shoemaker:

Very nice Helen - thank you for posting! Smile.gif

Helen Seiler
04/28/15 12:20:54AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for taking a look and listen Steve....hee hee hee..I think John K hit the nail on the head...percussion might be Murph's natural talent...or stripograms.
Steve Battarbee
04/27/15 09:33:12AM @steve-battarbee:

Your 6 string sounds lovely despite Murphy trying to get in on the act again

Why don't you be done with it and teach him to play something since he's so keen to get on camera?

Maybe the tune Ken did recently 'Careless Woof' was it? or 'Bark the Herald Angels sing' and given that on the UK TV show Britain's Got Talent' (Where incidentally not being from Britain is no bar) Simon Cowall loves a dog act it could be the start of something big!

Helen Seiler
04/22/15 02:04:59PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching a for well wishes Carrie. I do think I should have named him Cannonball.
Helen Seiler
04/22/15 07:08:40AM @helen-seiler:
Thanks John :D
John Keane
04/22/15 07:06:03AM @john-keane:

Sounds great Helen! Murphy is quite the percussionist. Grin.gif

Helen Seiler
04/20/15 11:52:53PM @helen-seiler:
Thank you Geekling.
Helen Seiler
04/19/15 02:50:17PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks for watching Lexie. Yeah, maybe thats what he needs. Sometimes I think I should have named him Cannonball. He is either all cuddly or in commando mode...not much in between. ..he only young so no signs of him settling for at least another year...but he does keep life interesting and I love him dearly 98% of the time.
Helen Seiler
04/19/15 02:45:18PM @helen-seiler:
Thanks Ken....I have been a bit under the weather health wise of late, hence the boring wall shot. Yep, I have some pooch issues...he came in all the way from down the back yard to do that. On an earlier take with me in it he waited for me to start then chased his tail for about a min. Would have posted it but I look a bit grim at the moment. Starting to improve a bit. Music helps a lot.
Lexie R Oakley
04/19/15 12:06:09PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Great that you created your own song, sounded great Helen..I am thinking that Murphy needs a camera job.Grin.gif

Ken Backer
04/19/15 09:21:29AM @ken-backer:

Where ya been, Gal? Thought you maybe took a late summer vacation to the beach..Grin.gif Nice playing, Helen, but you and your pooch have got to have a little chat. He seems determined to "BUT" in on your videos.Grin.gif

Helen Seiler
04/19/15 05:14:30AM @helen-seiler:
Thank you for watching JH
John Henry
04/19/15 05:05:39AM @john-henry:

Good to see you posting again Helen, thanks for sharing !