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Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss.

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:26
Jim Phillips
02/22/17 10:25:02AM @jim-at-gcreek:

This music makes everyone happy!

Jennifer Ranger
02/22/17 12:40:18AM @jennifer-ranger:

Yes, Dusty-Turtle, we had some serious fun!

Dusty Turtle
02/22/17 12:37:33AM @dusty-turtle:

Looks like a lot of fun right there!

Jennifer Ranger
02/21/17 09:43:50PM @jennifer-ranger:

@Mary-McGowan, thank you!!

Mary MacGowan
02/21/17 08:20:01PM @mary-macgowan:

Well now this is some fine music making, not to mention fine filming and editing! Great fun and a beautiful sound!