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God Leads Us Along

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Kimberly C.
03/09/12 05:27:57PM @kimberly-c:

Thank you so much, Nina!

Nina Zanetti
03/09/12 11:39:45AM @nina-zanetti:

Very lovely! You do a great job of keeping the melody notes connected and smooth ("legato" playing - so difficult to do well on MD). Thanks for posting!


Kimberly C.
02/14/12 10:43:17AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Steve! That is a very generous compliment, as I admire Larkin's style of playing so much! Smile.gif

Steve Eulberg
02/14/12 07:07:35AM @steve-eulberg:

HI Kimberly,

I can see why you and Larkin have connected! You play in a similarly sweet and heartfelt way that is lyrical.

Sincerely, Steve

Kimberly C.
01/29/12 09:22:55PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Karen! My dulcimer is an all walnut McSpadden. I love it.

Karen Keane
01/29/12 04:54:11PM @karen-keane:

THAT was beautiful. I've just started working seriously on finger picking and I've got to say that I really like the pick "Less" thing. What kind of instrument do you play?

Brian G.
01/28/12 09:54:03PM @brian-g:

Very very nice! I am glad to have heard it. :)

Patty from Virginia
01/28/12 06:53:46PM @patty-from-virginia:

This is pretty! I like how you played this. Thanks for posting. It is very calming.

Kimberly C.
01/28/12 05:03:52PM @kimberly-c:

Y'all are too kind. Smile.gif

Leonard Griffin
01/28/12 12:47:49PM @leonard-griffin:

Wonderful arrangement, you can tell that God leads you in your playing.

Rick Kennedy
01/28/12 12:33:21PM @rick-kennedy:

A joy to listen to--thanks for posting!

Kimberly C.
01/28/12 09:18:00AM @kimberly-c:

Thank you, everybody. "God Leads Us Along" is my grandmother's favorite hymn, so I decided to do this arrangement for her. I don't get to see her very often now that I've moved a few states away from her, but I was able to play this for her this past Christmas when I went to visit. Smile.gif

John Henry
01/28/12 07:57:58AM @john-henry:

Did'nt know this one Kimberly, will have to look for it ! As Dave hinted, a time for reflection, thank you for posting.


John Keane
01/28/12 07:23:35AM @john-keane: