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The Southwind

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Kimberly C.
04/26/13 12:54:06PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Louis! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
03/12/12 06:27:34PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Daniel!

Kimberly C.
02/21/12 12:02:12PM @kimberly-c:

Y'all are too, too kind! Barbara, that's great that you've started learning fingerpicking! Let me know how it goes!

02/21/12 09:56:56AM @mandy:

Very nicely done!Grin.gif

Brian G.
02/20/12 04:53:47PM @brian-g:

Very pretty playing on a favorite tune of mine. Thanks for sharing it.

Joy W.
02/20/12 12:54:05PM @joy-w:

That is just beautiful, Kimberly! I love the soft gentle sound you achieve when you play. I've been working on this piece as well although I sort of mix flat picking and strumming. I plan to upload a video soon. (Maybe we should put these in the Call That Tune group so there will be a collection!)


Kimberly C.
02/20/12 11:56:10AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Tom! Let me know how it sounds with the harmonica!

Tom McDonald
02/20/12 11:17:27AM @tom-mcdonald:

Wow! Nice! I'm going to try playing harmonica along with this.

Kimberly C.
02/19/12 04:40:58PM @kimberly-c:

Thank you, Robin and Glynda!

Glynda Willis
02/19/12 03:10:58PM @glynda-willis:

Beautifully done.

Robin Thompson
02/19/12 09:56:46AM @robin-thompson:

Exquisite, Kim. Thank you.

Kimberly C.
02/18/12 08:16:24PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Carrie! Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
02/18/12 04:27:19PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Val!

Dusty, I haven't figured out how to do the flatpicking thing! You make that look so easy!

Karen, I can't wait to hear some of your finger picking! I'm sure it's great!

Karen Keane
02/18/12 02:27:19PM @karen-keane:

That was beautiful. I can't wait until my finger picking gets better. Right now it's not for public consumption. LOL You dun great!

Dusty Turtle
02/18/12 12:21:14PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very, very pretty, Kimberly. I did a version of this with a flatpick but have been trying to convert it to fingerpicking to attempt to get the same soft, soothing feel you have here. I've been unsuccessful so far, but you make it look so easy.

Kimberly C.
02/18/12 11:20:36AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, everybody, for your kind comments! Smile.gif

John Keane
02/18/12 06:57:33AM @john-keane:

Extra purty...great job!

Jim Fawcett
02/18/12 05:30:44AM @jim-fawcett:

Very nice.

02/18/12 04:41:54AM @sam:

That is soooo pretty ...

John Henry
02/18/12 02:37:04AM @john-henry:

Kim, that brought tears to me old eyes ! (nothing wrong with the playing, it was when I tried to visualize ME playing in that position ! Ouch...........!)

thanks for posting