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Wondrous Love

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Kimberly C.
03/12/12 06:26:40PM @kimberly-c:

Thank you, Robin! And praise has been heaped on Zeb on your behalf. :-)

Robin Thompson
03/10/12 03:50:45PM @robin-thompson:

Lovely, Kim. One of my favorite hymns and this arrangement has a delicacy that well suits the tune.

And please heap further praise on Zeb. :)

Kimberly C.
03/06/12 10:14:11AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks! I shall pass your compliments along to the bird. Grin.gif

Blue Hand
03/06/12 02:43:55AM @blue-hand:

Beautiful tune (and your bird provides a nice touch to the music)!

Kimberly C.
03/05/12 08:09:45PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Robin and Jim! Smile.gif

Jim Fawcett
03/05/12 12:47:15PM @jim-fawcett:

Very nice, Kim.

Robin Clark
03/05/12 12:23:08PM @robin-clark:

Wow! That was lovely Kimberly - just so beautifully played Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
03/05/12 10:03:08AM @kimberly-c:

Thank you everybody for your kind words! Rob, I never knew that this was originally used for that ballad! Thanks for the info!

Brian G.
03/05/12 07:08:08AM @brian-g:

Great job Kim! Thanks for sharing it. :)

Rob N Lackey
03/05/12 06:43:53AM @rob-n-lackey:

Excellent playing of a beautiful arrangement. The tune was originally used for the ballad "Captain Kidd." I think it is one of the most beautiful of the Sacred Harp/Southern Harmony type songs.

Kimberly C.
03/04/12 10:07:32PM @kimberly-c:

Thank you, everybody! Karen, my dulcimer is a McSpadden Walnut. Smile.gif

Patty from Virginia
03/04/12 06:35:18PM @patty-from-virginia:

Very prettySmile.gif

Karen Keane
03/04/12 05:10:06PM @karen-keane:

That was really pretty Kimberly. I love the sound that you get from your dulcimer.Grin.gif What kind is it?

Kimberly C.
03/04/12 04:44:37PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, John and Wayne! (I almost wrote "John Wayne" lol). Smile.gif

John Keane
03/04/12 04:16:30PM @john-keane:

That is really