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Vivian Hays
04/08/12 01:10:11AM @vivian-hays:
It seems that they will open on my desktop, but not my iPad..some of the videos posted open on iPad and some won't . Who knows? I am not a tech savvy person, so I guess I'll just have to use the desktop to listen to your lovely tune!
Robin Thompson
04/07/12 08:09:58PM @robin-thompson:

Simply lovely, Kim.

Kimberly C.
04/07/12 05:21:34PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Nila! Vivian, I'm not sure why it's not working for you. I'm using Internet Explorer and haven't had any problems, but I would still try Wayne's suggestion and try Chrome. I've heard it's good. Or maybe update to a newer version of Internet Explorer? Hope you figure it out! Smile.gif

Vivian Hays
04/07/12 01:07:36PM @vivian-hays:
Hi! I don't know why this is happening, but I can't get any of the videos you post to come up?! Not just your videos, but a few others as well...some come right up and some won't, anyone know why that would happen?..I really want to see them and can't figure it out...thanks!
Robin Clark
04/07/12 10:36:29AM @robin-clark:

KImberly, that is absolutely beautiful - what a lovey feel you have for playing - just wonderful Grin.gif

Kimberly C.
04/06/12 03:44:18PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Brian! I enjoy listening to you play as well.

Brian G.
04/06/12 01:57:48PM @brian-g:

Another tune beautifully played. :) I really enjoy listening to you play.

Kimberly C.
04/06/12 10:33:03AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, friends! Smile.gif Dave, this is atually based on an arrangement that I learned from Larkin. I've modified it a little since I first learned it. Rick, this is one I play in church, but not with the string band. Usually our string band plays more of what we call "bumpy-thumpy" tunes. Lol. I'm actually playing this one this Sunday night, but I think I'm going to change it a little--add in the "ooh-OOOH-oh-oooh." Smile.gif

04/06/12 08:05:35AM @matt:

Great job! Have a happy Easter!!

John Henry
04/06/12 03:39:00AM @john-henry:

41.gif41.gif41.gif Appropriate to the day, but stand alone good anyway ! Thanks for posting Kimberly !


Rick Kennedy
04/06/12 03:06:26AM @rick-kennedy:

Your post is much appreciated. Is this one of the hymns that you play in church? I realize it is more of a one-instrument arrangement, but it would sound nice.

Dusty Turtle
04/06/12 01:19:49AM @dusty-turtle:

All your playing, Kimberly, exhibits a soft, precise, and patient technique. Very nice!

Rocky LaRochelle
04/05/12 11:50:21PM @rocky-larochelle:

Very pretty Kimberly!

04/05/12 10:46:01PM @sam:

Soulful and elegant.

Kimberly C.
04/05/12 10:25:20PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Carrie! I just realized that this particular arrangement doesn't have the "ooh-OOOOH-oh-ooooh" part in it that's customary with most versions of this song. Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
04/05/12 09:53:08PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Wendy!

Macy Jayne
04/05/12 09:47:43PM @macy-jayne:

Kimberly that is beautiful!