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Ye Banks and Braes

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Kimberly C.
04/26/13 12:57:09PM @kimberly-c:

Thank you, Louis and Barbara! I'm glad you enjoyed listening. I really enjoy fingerpicking, too, Barbara. It's what I use probably 90% of the time I play. I mostly play solos in church, and the fingerpicking seems to suit the hymns well. Smile.gif

Barbara Maas
04/23/13 10:40:43PM @barbara-maas:

Very lovely Kim. Thank you for posting. When I got my first dulcimer about 4 years ago, I worked on strumming, etc. but never really 'connected' with many of the old, traditional religious based songs so I decided to go towards fingerpicking to hear the gently, lovely tone these instruments have and I've never looked back since then. In my humble opinion, gently fingerpicking brings out a softness and pure sound for gentle listening, playing and enjoying that pleases me so very much. I just sent this link to a Scottish friend of mine up near Aberdeen, Scotland as we were just talking about some old Scottish folk tunes. I'm sure he'll enjoy hearing and seeing you play as well. Thank you ......Barbara

Kimberly C.
04/12/12 06:44:44PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Brian! Your comment is much appreciated. Smile.gif

Brian Blaine
04/12/12 01:27:26PM @brian-blaine:

Despite the limitations of the recording, I still found this piece wonderfully peaceful and a pleasure to hear. Thank you for sharing your verytalented playing.

Kimberly C.
04/09/12 12:59:55PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Dusty. I'll have to look into getting one of those eventually. The static drives me crazy. The built in mic also picks up the fan noise from my laptop, which is rather annoying. You can hear it on some of my other videos, I think. Thanks for the recommendation!

Dusty Turtle
04/09/12 12:53:37PM @dusty-turtle:

Kimberly, I would second the comment about your recording not doing your playing justice. The static is louder than your wonderful fingerpicking. You might consider just using an external mic instead of a the one built in to your webam. I bought a Blue Snowflake USB mic (I think you can find them for about $35 new) and use that along with my webcam. The audio is much improved and you can also place the mic directly in front of the dulcimer. The only tricky part is telling your computer to use the webcam with the new mic.

Kimberly C.
04/09/12 12:48:37PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Pine! I'm not too happy with my recording quality either. I just use the built in webcam on my laptop which isn't very good especially since it's getting rather old. Smile.gif Unfortunately, I don't have the home recording equipment to make better recordings.

04/09/12 10:48:47AM @pine:

Absolutely lovely song and wonderful touch on your playing style. I think you should consider doing some quality home recording. This audio doesn't give this post nearly the respect it deserves. Beautiful work Kim..


Kimberly C.
04/08/12 09:38:31PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Blue and Beth! I appreciate the compliments. Smile.gif

04/08/12 04:57:09PM @beth-hansen:

Very lovely tune, and you played it beautifully!

Blue Hand
04/08/12 03:08:11AM @blue-hand:

What a great version of this song. I really like how it sounds fingerpicked. Nice job!

Kimberly C.
04/07/12 08:38:29PM @kimberly-c:

Thank you so much, Robin! I'm really looking forward to meeting you, too! Can't wait!

Robin Thompson
04/07/12 08:15:09PM @robin-thompson:

I could listen to you play all day, Kim. Your style has a wonderful ease, is graceful.

PS-Looking forward to meeting you this coming week! Smile.gif

Kimberly C.
04/07/12 10:00:48AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Barbara!

Barbara Maas
04/06/12 09:58:50PM @barbara-maas:

Hi Kim,

It's one of the ways to say good luck. :)

Kimberly C.
04/06/12 09:25:10PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Barbara! (So what does Sealbhmath dhuibh mean? Smile.gif )

Barbara Maas
04/06/12 04:23:31PM @barbara-maas:

Kim ... Ciamar a tha thu? That's Scots Gaelic asking how are you. :) Your song was so lovely and well played. As you can see by my Scottish castle avatar, it is a place I hold dear in my heart and I'm trying to collect and play the Scottish ballads as well. If anyone can fight their way through the old Scots language to read the lyrics of so many of these songs, they are emotionally evocative and deserving of being played gently and tenderly as you did. I'm a fan of Scottish history so I can often make connections between the songs and their real counterparts such as MacPherson's Lament, or as sometimes entitled, MacPherson's Farewell. Once you know the background of these songs, it makes such a difference in how you play them. Homeward Bound is another. Such beauty. Please upload more when you get the chance. Sealbh math dhuibh! Barb

Kimberly C.
04/06/12 03:49:15PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks again! Folkfan, thanks for the link to the site. I do like Robert Burns. I teach a high school Brisitsh literature class and I always enjoy when we get to Burns. Barbara, I'll be working on Larkin to get another book published! She's definitely got enough material to publish one! Smile.gif In the meantime, just work through her book veeeerrrrryyyyy slooooooowly. That way it'll last longer. Grin.gif

Brian G.
04/06/12 01:55:27PM @brian-g:

Kim - beautifully done!

04/06/12 12:34:36PM @folkfan:

Kimberly, You've done a lovely job on this. Ye Bank and Braes is a lament for a false love and you've handled with a delicacy and sensitivity that it truly calls for. I tender you thanks as a fan of Rabbie Burns. If you enjoy playing Burns, you might enjoy this site: