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cynthia copeland
12/26/13 04:20:24AM @cynthia-copeland:

Sounds really fine. Mic also great.

Brian G.
02/14/13 10:39:03PM @brian-g:

Kim - Sounds great. And fanny Power is a favorite of mine. Nice job! :)

Kimberly C.
02/14/13 02:55:49PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks for watching and commenting, friends! I'm excited about the new mic and am looking forward to experimenting more with it. Smile.gif

Peter W.
02/14/13 02:13:11AM @peter-w:

Sounds wonderful, great playing!

Robin Thompson
02/13/13 09:51:21PM @robin-thompson:

So pretty, Kim. And I'm really glad for your new microphone because your play is such a treat and now I can hear it more clearly.

Kimberly C.
02/13/13 10:57:01AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Patty! Grin.gif

Patty from Virginia
02/13/13 09:12:10AM @patty-from-virginia:

Kim, this is lovely and the sound quality on your microphone is excellent. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more from youSmile.gif . You make that finger work look so effortless. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly C.
02/13/13 06:21:21AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Garry! It's actually an all Walnut dulcimer. The lighting sort of makes it look like cherry, though. :-)

Karen Keane
02/12/13 06:39:23PM @karen-keane:
I'm trying to watch this vid on my iPad, but it's not showing up. I know it will sound awesome, I'll try again later.
Kimberly C.
02/12/13 08:53:24AM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, Wayne and Rob! Yes, Rob, I agree that it takes a while to get the feel for O'Carolan pieces. On this particular piece, I really had to focus on getting the timing right (it's still a little off) and as a result I tended to neglect putting "feeling" in my piece. Oh, well. I guess that's what practice is for. Grin.gif I'm enjoying the new mic, Wayne.The only thing I miss about my old micis that the hissing sound muddled my mistakes. Now they're plain and clear for all to hear!Grin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gif

Rob N Lackey
02/12/13 05:18:17AM @rob-n-lackey:

Wow, Kim, you can't go wrong with O'Carolan and neither did you go wrong with that new microphone! As for the "polish" of the playing. I may be wrong, but I think it takes months to get the "feel" of an O'Carolan piece, particularly since most of the music I use for his works has just a melody line. You're doing great with it! Nice to hear you again.

Kimberly C.
02/11/13 10:16:25PM @kimberly-c:

Thanks, everybody! I haven't gotten around to messing much with the Audactity program, but at least the horrible hissing sound is gone with this mic. Smile.gif Now I just need to work on more songs! My poor dulcimer has been neglected lately. I've been waaaay too busy.Frown.gif

Dusty Turtle
02/11/13 09:44:19PM @dusty-turtle:

Yes, Kimberly, that is much better. No hiss clouding your playing. You sound great.

John Keane
02/11/13 09:09:56PM @john-keane:

That's a MUCH better mic! Nicely done! Smile.gif