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Marc Mathieu
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Signed @halfcrk's Guestbook:
"Greetings. Thanks for watching my video of Hallelujah. Since I purchased the TAB from Tull Glazener, I don't really want to share it. The CD & TAB workshop..."
Marc Mathieu
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"VERY well played Dusty. That instrument sounds and looks quite awesome !"
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"Wonderful performance Jessica!  Your version really enhances the melody in a beautiful way."
Marc Mathieu
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Marc Mathieu

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Here's a performance of myself playing dulcimer & my brother on the...
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Marc Mathieu

Greetings from Hearst, Ontario !

Hi to all from Hearst , Ontario - the Moose Capital of Canada. Vicky,...
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The Great Speckled Bird

The Great Speckled Bird

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La Libellule (The Dragonfly) © 2014 Marc Mathieu
Pivabiska_Waltz ©2011  Marc Mathieu

Pivabiska_Waltz ©2011 Marc...

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Canadian tunes medley

Canadian tunes medley

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End of Summer©2004 by Marc Mathieu

End of Summer©2004 by Marc...

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Karel Votanek
01/10/17 04:16:19PM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Marc,

vielen Dank für Deinen netten Kommentar.Jetzt probiere ich dieses Lied auf Dulcimer.

Hofentlich klappt es.


08/05/16 12:06:02PM @hugssandi:

OH WOW.  Just watched your Hallelujah.  I so wanna play like that....

08/05/16 11:38:07AM @hugssandi:

Thank you for welcoming me back into the fold, Marc!  ~it feels good to be home~  :)

Susan Kelly
05/07/16 04:43:33PM @susan-kelly:

Hi Mark, I belong to a dulcimer group at Village by the Arboretum in Guelph. We're a 1 yr. old group (30 members) and all beginners! In May 2017 we are planning a Sesscentennial (150 yrs.) concert for approx.  200 residents who live here. We are planning a multimedia show and are trying to rustle up Cdn. songs/tab. You were recommended to me by another member who says you're the Canadian music guru! Do you have any suggestions/tabs? We need more French/Metis/Inuit songs? WE have so far:

  • Land of the Silver Birch
  • Song my Paddle sings
  • Miller's Daughter
  • John Ryan's Polka
  • This Land is Your Land
  • Squid-Jigging Song
  • I's the B'ys
  • Four Strong Winds
  • Red River Valley
  • Wait 'til the Sun Shines Nellie
  • Canadienne Errant 

04/28/16 10:04:06PM @cd:

Yes it is.

Thank you

04/28/16 09:28:04PM @cd:

I was wondering if I could impose on you.  I used to have a copy of Ashokan Farewell that Mo gave me and lost it when I had some things stole off the bus.  Do You imagine it would be possible to get a copy of that?



Vicki Moore
01/22/16 04:21:22PM @vicki-moore:

Hi Marc,

First I want to say that I thoroughly enjoy you and your brother every time that you guys come to George's "Dulcimer Daze" in VT.  We have a dulcimer club here in the Northeast Kingdom of VT and twice we have been asked to play Gaspe Reel and it probably won't surprise you when I say that we can't find tablature for it!  By any chance do you happen to have it tabbed out? 

Karel Votanek
11/04/15 03:01:36AM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Marc,
vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar.Hofentlich mache ich nächstenmal weniger Fehler.

Gordon Hardy
11/12/14 07:47:15AM @gordon-hardy:

Hello Marc, I would be pleased to be your friend.

07/16/14 07:41:55PM @gerald:

Salut Marc,

Greetings from Havelock, Quebec ! Great to see some Canucks on this site.



John W. McKinstry
02/27/14 10:24:23PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Mark, This dulcimer was made by D. Johnston Sept. 2009 It is a T. K. O'Brien's Student Dulcimer Model #36. It has a ply-wood bottom and sides with a cedar top.It was not expensive but I have grown to love it for its sweet sound.Smile.gif

Christina Murrie
02/12/14 01:06:50PM @christina-murrie:

..... and if I wasn't thousands of miles away I would come and listen! You will do it proud.

Lee Cagle
02/07/14 11:11:25AM @lee-cagle:

Nice to see you! BRRRR!!!!!

Karel Votanek
01/07/14 05:48:42AM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Marc,

vielen Dank fr Deine nette Kommentare,es freut mich,dass dir meine Versuche gefllen.Ich wnsche Dir einen schnen Tag.

Karel VotanekSmile.gifSmile.gif

Karel Votanek
12/17/13 07:00:35AM @karel-votanek:

Hello Marc,

Thank you very much for your comment.

Karel,Deutschland Smile.gif

Karel Votanek
12/06/13 03:33:23PM @karel-votanek:

Hello Marc,

Thank You very much for Your nice comment.

Dulcimer tuning is like banjo.

Karel VotanekSmile.gif

Dan Goad
11/28/13 11:10:23PM @dan-goad:

I really enjoyed our chat this evening. I'm looking forward to the next one and more videos from you and Gilbert.


Karel Votanek
09/15/13 10:00:27AM @karel-votanek:

Hallo Marc,

thank you very much for your comment


Nancy Garrett
02/16/13 04:12:49PM @nancy-garrett:

Marc, things are going well. Tom went to NY to work with a service dog, JJ. He was there during the Sandy storm and now JJ let's us live in his house. We are playing out together at a local coffee shop and then with my Rock Prairie Group we play 2 places each month. Having fun, learning new pieces and enjoying life. We are ready for the spring to arrive.

Gwen Caeli
10/19/12 09:51:26PM @gwen-caeli:

HI Marc!

Your son sure could tickle those ivory keys on Sally Gardens! I remember in Cullowhee you said you and your brother did music together. Is there no limit to the talent oozing out of your family?!