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Marjorie Meinzinger

Central FL festival in Mt Dora, FL

This will be the second time for me to go to Mt Dora and I'm charged!...
@Marjorie Meinzinger 6 years ago - Comments: 1
Marjorie Meinzinger

Blackberry Blossom

I love this song.  I've heard it and have chords to it and play it by...
@Marjorie Meinzinger 6 years ago - Comments: 2

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Dan Goad
02/01/16 07:48:43AM @dan-goad:

Hi Marjorie.  I'm planning on being at Mt Dora too.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and your husband.

02/01/16 12:40:07AM @leslye:

I am in garden city

02/01/16 12:38:17AM @leslye:

I dont know how to message you.  I facebooked you

Matt Berg
10/17/13 06:31:19PM @matt-berg:

This is the url for a mcspadden possum board (hate that name):

What type of MD do you play?

Matt Berg
10/17/13 10:49:59AM @matt-berg:

A less expensive alternative would be to get a resonator board for your dulcimer. (Some people call them possum boards, but that just sounds bad to me.) The board lifts the MD slightly off your lap and allows the bottom to resonate with the top. It really does increase the volume.

Matt Berg
10/17/13 09:39:39AM @matt-berg:

Do you mean you have a MD and it is not loud enough or you would like a MD because it would be louder than your autoharp?

Matt Berg
08/08/13 04:40:30PM @matt-berg:


I live at Ford and Sheldon, in the heart of downtown Canton.

When I first started playing the dulcimer, a friend told me that Silver Strings was mostly hammered dulcimer, so I have never gone.

I noticed recently they seem to invite most acoustics, so I am rethinking.

Have you ever gone to Silver Strings?


Sue Simms
06/17/10 10:15:01PM @sue-simms:
Thanks Marjorie " great having Friends" I do like many things and Quilting is one. The Sunbonnet Sue Quilt is for my Grandaughter. I'm starting on two Boy Quilts for Grandsons. Take Care
Sue Simms
06/17/10 03:11:51PM @sue-simms:
Love your profile comments on music and I agree. Music is so soothing,and such a gift.
06/15/10 11:25:34AM @strumelia:
It's common to want one of every type of instrument when you catch 'music fever'....been there myself!
06/15/10 11:24:45AM @strumelia:
Hi Marjorie, yes, I bet the Hymns Group would be a great place to ask about your spiritual poem and setting it to music.
Rod Westerfield
06/15/10 09:10:22AM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Marjorie glad ya joined the FOTMD family Smile.gif
Bill Lewis
06/14/10 11:55:27AM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to another Michigander. Glad you are here. Grin.gif
06/14/10 09:16:43AM @strumelia:
I hope you like it here, Marjorie.