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Location: Nashville, TN
Country: US

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Mark Richmond

What kind of wood is this?

Anybody have a guess at what type of wood the soundboard is? ---see photo
@Mark Richmond 8 years ago - Comments: 6

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How do you store your dulcimers?

Posted: Wednesday August 29 2018, 8:34 PM
By: @Kusani

Tn Crossroads featuring Mike Clemmer

Posted: Sunday March 1 2015, 2:10 PM
By: @Mark Richmond


Steve Battarbee
08/21/14 07:41:10AM @steve-battarbee:
Hey MarkThanks for your 'friend'requestHappy to oblige besides which I've never sent an email to anyone in Nashville before. Cool!
John Henry
08/10/13 05:14:14AM @john-henry:

My pleasure Mark, always good to have another maker as a friend !


George Beckwith
09/10/12 10:54:08AM @george-beckwith:

Hey Mark you have glued together some nice looking dulcimers. If you ever need any wood just let me know.

David E.Hall
07/11/11 09:48:31AM @david-ehall:
I reside in North east England ,outside Newcastle upon Tyne - about 12/14 miles to the west.- Not very far from where George Stephenson- steam railway pioneer resided and worked back in the first half of the 19th century. Newcastle area itself is famous for beer, coal mining and shipbuilding and armaments. All sadly now gone, except a small part of the armaments ie tanks and armoured vehicles. Its also well know for the bridges over the Tyne (the local river).
David E.Hall
07/11/11 05:43:48AM @david-ehall:

Good Morning Mark, thanks for inviting me as a friend. Nashville eh ! that must be something - Centre of the CM scene , or is that just for the tourists. Never been to the States - never will - No passport - maybe when I win the lottery.

dave h

Paul Certo
04/09/11 12:31:26AM @paul-certo:

Thanks, Mark. One of these days I need to do some more. When I figure out how to make it loud enough to hear in the video!


Ben Seymour
01/14/11 10:56:54PM @ben-seymour:

You're welcome :)

Ben Seymour

Ben Seymour
01/14/11 04:20:46PM @ben-seymour:
for a Baritone I use .032 or .034, .024, and .014,.014. For a bass I use the first 3 low strings of a light gauge guitar set.
Ben Seymour
12/28/10 10:37:02AM @ben-seymour:
Howdee Mark!
Dana R. McCall
09/27/10 08:56:59PM @dana-r-mccall:
It is fun watching them run they love it. LOL I bet he had a ball!
Dana R. McCall
09/20/10 10:38:31AM @dana-r-mccall:
Hello Mark How are u doing? How is that little Boston of yours doin Izzy is as onery as ever but I love her to death. They are great little dogs with a big heart. Smile.gif
Bill Davenport
05/07/10 05:42:28PM @bill-davenport:
Hey Mark.....great to have another dulcimer friend... You every get to play much with Stephen Seifert being in Nashville?Hope you made out ok with the flood.Bill
Robin Thompson
05/02/10 01:08:18PM @robin-thompson:
Hey, good to have you here, Mark!
05/01/10 11:25:59PM @strumelia:
I'm ghlad you like it here Mark.
Ed Gaunt
05/01/10 06:07:10PM @ed-gaunt:
Welcome Mark!
Bill Lewis
04/18/10 08:14:30PM @bill-lewis:
Welcome to FOTMD Mark.Smile.gif
Rod Westerfield
04/18/10 07:55:09PM @rod-westerfield:
welcome Mark.. glad ya joined he family..
04/18/10 07:53:28PM @strumelia:
Hello Mark and welcome!