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mary e frantz
07/22/12 01:36:49PM @mary-e-frantz:

Thanks I'll check these out. Let me know when you get back would love to get together and strum with you. Love my dulcimer. Hope fully I'll find a group to join. Have fun on your trip.

mary e frantz
07/22/12 09:00:08AM @mary-e-frantz:

Mary Jane do you know of any mountain dulcimer groups around Jackson or Adrian looking for a group to play with or an instructor thanks mary frantz

Joyce Hibbard
02/27/12 12:43:05PM @joyce-hibbard:

Hi Mary Jane, Just joined FOTMD, and was checking out its' members. Found Nancy S. and of course you!..I see not any recent comments on your page. So here is one from me. I joined the Echo mountain dulcimertrupe in Ortenville, Mi. They are a new group, and play mostly in DAA. Some have asked me to help them learn a little about the DAD tuning. I did say I would help with what I have learned over the years, and a lot of help from you when we get together to jamFrown.gif..which hasn't been very often lately.. Looking forward to IDF in July will you...later...Joyce

Robert Langeland
05/25/10 10:07:34AM @robert-langeland:
Thanks for the information. It sounds like great fun. I will get in touch with them and get directions.
Robert Langeland
05/20/10 08:51:31AM @robert-langeland:
Thank you for the welcome. I did not know about a jam in Ionia, but I am very much a newbie. I was just looking at the web site for Midland and it looks like great fun. I hope I can make it at least for a day.
04/25/10 08:21:31AM @bill-s:
It's a deal, Mary Jane.Bill
04/25/10 07:10:11AM @bill-s:
Hi Mary Jane,I don't think I'll be going to Indiana, but I'm hoping to go to Coshocton in June. I don't have camping info on it yet, but their web site is good.You can find it to the right of your page. ------->Bill
04/01/10 07:59:12PM @bill-s:
It's a start. We need to get it going in Michigan.Bill
04/01/10 07:57:33PM @bill-s:
:) I guess I need to learn strumming.Bill
03/31/10 05:18:02PM @bill-s:
Mary Jane, I'll send a couple emails out to a few folk clubs I know and spread the word. I should have more details, though. I met Maddie about nine years ago. She is a dear soul with a warm smile. We really need to just get out and play at small town festivals and get people interested in the mountain dulcimer.Bill
03/30/10 06:00:13PM @bill-s:
Mary, a Michigan dulcimer festival sounds great. I don't know who to pass it on to, but I'll do my best, and I'll be there. Thanks again.Bill
Bill Lewis
03/30/10 06:43:58AM @bill-lewis:
Thank you Mary Jane for the info. I will try and get there this Thursday.
03/22/10 07:00:12PM @bill-s:
Hi Mary Jane, I don't know that I'll be at Evart, but I will definitely be at Midland. I will certainly look for you.Bill
03/21/10 09:44:44AM @bill-s:
Hi Mary Jane, Thanks for the comment. I guess you have a dulcimer club in your area. Is it Uncle Carl's or Earl's or something? What's it like?Bill
David Scott
03/17/10 08:07:33AM @david-scott:
I sent Pam a link to this site. So maybe she will join. I will let you recuperate from the weekend. Happy St. Patrick's Day
Bill Lewis
02/26/10 09:15:31AM @bill-lewis:
Where's the Buckeye at? Thank you Mary Jane. :)
Bill Lewis
02/26/10 05:47:46AM @bill-lewis:
Mary Jane,Do you know what is going on at the Wannabe's meeting? Went last night and no body there. Do you have a contact number? Thanks Bill :)
Nancy Snyder
02/09/10 11:18:08AM @nancy-snyder:
I say go for it!!! My best - Nancy
Nancy Snyder
02/08/10 11:25:58AM @nancy-snyder:
Hey, can't wait to see the CD. The cover is great!! My best. Nancy
Nancy Snyder
02/06/10 07:02:19PM @nancy-snyder:
Hi, I just found this wonderful site and it is so much fun. I don't know how to maneuver around it yet, but just saw a picture of you and Kris!! What a neat surprise. Give her my best, okay? Thinking of you lots!!! Nancy Snyder