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Take at the Hampton Inn in the Poconos where I attended the Pocono Winter Festival with some friends.  Great weekend of MD playing, music, and good food!  We were stranded at the hotel due to an ice storm and spent the time jamming in the Hampton Inn lobby with the other wayward musicians :-)  -- it was so much fun and the hotel staff loved us! 

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Maryann Lang

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Stephanie Muschlitz
06/17/15 11:17:09PM @stephanie-muschlitz:


Hi Maryann,


 It is so good to hear from you. You seem to have the same position as me. Shy about playing in front of others! I really need to overcome that. I play for my grandchildren and their mom claps when I finish a song! It is funny. I play for my family, my biggest and only fans. I went to a historical society garden festival about a month ago and there was a little musical group there and the one man played the dulcimer. I talked to the group for a little while. I thought it funny that the guitar player asked me if I sing. Geeze, I can’t even play my dulcimer for anyone let alone sing along. My aunt was with me and later said” I think they were looking for a singer.” She is one of my fans! She is always encouraging me to sing. I could always test it out on the grandkids!


I am not coming to the festival after all. We cancelled our hotel reservations last week. I left Dr. Hamilton a message to let him know I am not going to make it. I had already sent off my registration weeks ago. I also emailed Carol to let her know that I won’t make it.


The reason I am not coming is because we are preparing to move my mom and stepdad to our home. Mom has hospice care at home. Even with all of the wonderful help and care that hospice provides it is too hard on my stepdad. It is best for them to be here. We live two hours away and it is too much traveling. We will have hospice care here in my home and I can take some of the load off of my stepfather.  It has just been so hard and sad to see my mom suffering. My step father is having surgery soon so it is best that they are here. I am looking forward to having them. It is a big adjustment and my mom needs lots of care but I feel this is best. I am happy to have this time with her. I have redecorated one of our spare bedrooms for her. I wanted it to be special and comfortable for her since most of her time will be there. We have the other spare room all ready for Poppy, my stepfather. I just have to hang some new curtains that I ordered. I really do look at this time as a blessing.


I spoke to Dr. Hamilton before I sent off my registration and he explained that he would like the dulcimer festival to be a yearly event. I hope it is a great success so that it can continue every year. I will get there one day! It would have been my second festival. There will be more and I am sure that yours will be a wonderful success.  Maybe you can let me know all about how the festival went when you have some time.


I am playing my dulcimer every day. I am hooked! My strings need to be changed right now. I have never changed them myself. My husband Frank likes to do it for me so I let him, but I really must do it on my own. I average about every month to 5 weeks for a string change. They get a lot of wear. My husband keeps asking me how I know they need to be changed but I find it hard to explain it to him. I can just tell and they don’t sound right, to me anyway. I think he wants some scientific answer!


I am happy to hear you have a workshop with Carol. She is a fun teacher. I have both of the Tailless Tunes books and I play many of the songs every day, fingerpicking of course. I play some of them using a pick but I go for the finger picking. I try to play music everyday using a pick but I am so uncoordinated with it. It is so funny now that I think of it, it is almost stressful for me! I have found that I really like the sounds of songs that use a capo. There are some really pretty songs in Carol’s books and I have many favorites.


I have been working on hammer ons, pull offs and harmonics. It all takes a lot of practice. Some of my pull offs are quite interesting to say the least! I think I like finger picking because I have that direct contact with the strings and I get a “feel” for what I am doing and I think there is some control aspect to it also. I can relate it to my gardening. I wear gloves for some things but when I planting I have to use my bare hands and have that contact with the plant and soil. Needless to say I am always covered in dirt when I garden.


So, I am still here on my own but making a lot of progress. I have had a lot of help on my learning journey with FOTMD and some of the phenomenal players I have met on line and were so gracious to take time to advise me. I am so very passionate about playing my dulcimer and maybe a bit addicted. I really want to get around other players but can’t find any near. I want to learn how to “jam” with others. I want to break out of my shy shell.  Oh, I would like another dulcimer too! I think I just saw my husband cringe from across the room. He must have heard me type that!


Oh well, there is so much I want to do, but my time now is with my mom. I won’t have her for very long and this time is so special.


I hope that I get to meet you one day again soon. If you ever plan to be in our Bethlehem area please let me know. You would be more than welcome to stop by for a visit.


Best wishes to you and your group for a successful dulcimer festival. I hope it continues for many years.






Stephanie Muschlitz
05/31/15 08:34:55PM @stephanie-muschlitz:

Hi Maryann,

I believe we met at the Pocono Festival. I am looking forward to the Lancaster Festival and meeting up with you again. It will be my second festival and I am excited! I have signed up for all of Carol Walker's workshops. I have her books and I have been playing the Manx music for a while now. Still so much to learn, but having great fun as I go. I play everyday and I just love it. Ihave still to find someone close in my area who plays. No luck, but I found out that my neighbor has had a MDfor years but never learned to play. She is so busy with work and family but I have offered to help her get startedwhen she has some time. She gave me the name of a local folk group and they do have one lady who plays the dulcimer in their group. She plays drone noteronly when she plays. She plays a variety of other instruments. I am not quite sure where I would fit in with the group but they have been kind enoughto invite me. The organizer found it interesting that I play finger picking style. He was unaware that could be done so I sparked an interest. I gave him some names of artists that I knowwho he can see on U tube. Maybe it will motivate him and some of his group to give the MD a try. I would like to have people in my area to play and learn with. I am still very shy about playing for others so it would help bring me out of my shell. My grandchildren and daughter in law are my biggest fans!

See you soon!

Best wishes,


04/12/14 07:24:30PM @guglielmo:

You're very kind, Maryann.

Thanks for passing by, I appreciate it.

See you around


John W. McKinstry
02/11/14 06:22:01PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Maryann, Your front porch sounds like a great place. I have to confess that we acutally have a front porch, but there is so much traffic that it we wouldn't be able to hear each other. My latest way of finding others to get together with is to offer lessons. I especially like it when we get to duets. Right now I am without a student and so fotmd and a Dulcimer Festival are helping to fill the void. John McK.Smile.gif

John W. McKinstry
01/22/14 02:09:46PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Maryann, Thanks for your comment on my story in the blog section. You mentioned in one of your replies to another how much you got out of watching

videos of them play. I just want to second that and I am so thankful that FOTMD

makes it possible for us to have this experience.

David Falk
01/12/14 12:44:40PM @david-falk:

Thanks for looking. I appreciate it. I'm sure you will get a quality dulcimer from your luthier. However do keep me in mind for the future and tell your friends. Gett playing. -DF

David Falk
01/06/14 10:18:27AM @david-falk:


Hello Maryann, I was copied on a communication you had with Kathleen W. regarding dulcimers. My inquiry: do you know of any individuals wishing to purchase dulcimers? The link above is an image of the last one to leave the shop. Fit and finish are good. Playability is easy and the sound is wonderful.

Contact me at or Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer if your friends are interested.

Thanks. Dave Falk

Karel Votanek
12/10/13 08:40:22AM @karel-votanek:

Hello Maryann,

Thank You very much for Your Comment.

Karel Smile.gif

Karen Keane
11/16/13 05:17:15PM @karen-keane:
Hello and welcome to the site. This is a great place to share ideas and listen to music. I hope you enjoy.
Rob N Lackey
11/15/13 08:34:31PM @rob-n-lackey:

Welcome, Maryann, to this little corner of dulcimer heaven. This is sure an easy instrument to love, isn't it? Oh, and we "just ain't right;" that's why we're here! Hope you enjoy it here.


Ben Barr Jr
11/15/13 07:03:00PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Hi Maryann, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer. It's a good place to come, spend some time, learn about the dulcimer, and to meet some good people.


John Keane
11/15/13 05:28:10PM @john-keane:

Howdy and welcome to the FOTMD family!

Ken Longfield
11/15/13 01:16:07PM @ken-longfield:

Maryann, welcome to FOTMD. It's always good to have another Pennsylvanian here. While the mountain dulcimer is not from the revolutionary war period, I am glad that the reenactment introduced you to this wonderful instrument. I trust you will enjoy this site.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Jim Fawcett
11/15/13 11:36:37AM @jim-fawcett:

Hey Maryanne, welcome aboard. Glad ya found us. From one PA'er to another.