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Location: Lumberton, NC
Country: US

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The Water is Wide

The Water is Wide

style or instrument: Kevin Messenger Eli Presnell Replica Dulcimer

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Paul Killian
09/07/15 10:14:18PM @paul-killian:

Thanks Marg. I am enjoying playing and continue to try to learn. I appreciate the comment.


09/06/15 11:46:30PM @marg:

Beautiful dulcimer tone and youe playing is very nice

Paul Killian
09/02/15 03:38:32PM @paul-killian:

Thanks, Bob. I have enjoyed learning it and will continue enjoying it as I try to improve my playing.

Bob Reinsel
09/02/15 11:40:40AM @bob-reinsel:

Paul, well done that's a great tune to play.

Paul Killian
09/01/15 10:45:44PM @paul-killian:

Lexie, thank you for your comment. Playingand listening to others play on FOTMD is an important part of each day.

Lexie R Oakley
09/01/15 12:17:15PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nicely played Paul and you have a treasured dulcimer made by Kevin Messanger.

I am happy you too get peace from playing.

Paul Killian
09/01/15 09:52:47AM @paul-killian:

Thanks, Gordon. Playing is something that I get a lot from. Like you, I love it's simplicity.

Gordon Hardy
09/01/15 12:20:56AM @gordon-hardy:

Nice one, Paul. It's a fine thing to be able to express yourself through a musical instrument.  The dulcimer in it's simplicity has allowed me to do this and I believe you as well. Thanks for your rendition.