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Country: Scotland

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Sunset (Original)

Artist: Robin Johnson
Genre: Ambient
Duration: 00:01:57

A piece for three dulcimers - a Ron Ewing aorell, a Blue Lion bass, and a Feather Dulcimer "Sparrow" dulcimette - and a washboard, in 7/4 time, in the Dorian and Mixolydian modes

04/05/18 03:09:52AM @ariane:

Very beautiful! flower

Charles Thomas
04/05/17 08:56:20PM @charles-thomas:

Wall of sound!! Loved it!!

Cat Brown
03/24/17 09:25:53PM @cat-brown:

How very beautiful!

Jennifer Ranger
03/20/17 04:08:06PM @jennifer-ranger:

Really lovely!

Steven Berger
03/15/17 08:47:10PM @steven-berger:

Great combination og different sounding dulcimers, Robin!