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take 1 silent night

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John Keane
12/24/12 08:42:43PM @john-keane:

Nicely done!

Patty from Virginia
12/24/12 02:37:13PM @patty-from-virginia:

Tamsylou, that sure is pretty!!! One of my favorite Christmas songs too. Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas to youSmile.gif

Tamsin Louisa Dungey
12/24/12 09:54:02AM @tamsin-louisa-dungey:

You are all too kind... thank you.


Gayle Maurer
12/24/12 09:42:32AM @gayle-maurer:

Lovely! Very nice first recording! Keep 'em coming!

Rob N Lackey
12/24/12 05:07:17AM @rob-n-lackey:

Very nice. Keep up the good work

Robin Thompson
12/23/12 05:58:58PM @robin-thompson:

Your play of Silent Night is lovely, Tamsylou. You're doing very well with the noter; experiment to find what works best for you. (I play with a noter and use a thumb-on-top hold.)

John Henry
12/23/12 04:41:44PM @john-henry:

41.gif41.gif41.gif As Ken indicates, control is all important, and Wayne's suggestion that you view Strumelia's video should help you


Tamsin Louisa Dungey
12/23/12 03:42:59PM @tamsin-louisa-dungey:

will do ta hun...


Ken Hulme
12/23/12 03:23:09PM @ken-hulme:

Look at my avatar picture (left) and see how my finger presses the noter straight down on the strings, where your finger isn't even over the fretboard. This way you have more control...

Ken Hulme
12/23/12 03:21:25PM @ken-hulme:

Bravo! Bravo! Very nice indeed.

My only suggestion would be to "choke up" on the noter so that you down pressing finger is pushing directly down onto the strings, not out in space.

Louis Ferraris
12/23/12 12:28:41PM @louis-ferraris:

Very nice Tamsin. Happy Christmas.

Tamsin Louisa Dungey
12/23/12 11:27:29AM @tamsin-louisa-dungey:

thanx both... so kind...