Perry Co. Ky Dulcimer

Kevin Messenger
11/13/15 08:50:19PM

I have recently purchased a Dulcimer from Farler, Ky. in Perry Co.  What I know, it was built by W.B.Bailey, Feb.28,1967. It apears to be made of Poplar, 31 1/2" long, 6" at the widest point, 2 1/8" sides ,3" total height.  It has a 25 7/8" vsl, carved peg head with Oak pegs.The fret pattern is not totaly diatonic or chromatic, kind of a mix of both. Can 't seem to find a pattern to it yet.

From info already gathered ,the builder may still be alive, and still living on the right fork of Mace's Creek, near Farler, Ky.

Still working on that info.  Anyone who might have any info on Mr. Bailey, please contact me. Talking with Mike Slone , if we locate him we may be able to collect an oral hist of his Dulcimer building.  He seems to have been influenced by Will Singleton's style of building. Below are a few pictures.