dating my dulcimer

07/15/18 10:25:09PM

I just bought an 'antique' dulcimer from an Ebay dealer who represented it as being constructed between 1890 and 1910.  I figure it is certainly vintage and likely prerevival as (IMHO) it has resemblance to at least one early West Virginia dulcimer  - and soundholes resembling those of Ohio - in Smith's Catalogue of Prerevival Dulcimers, but I have no hands on experience with early dulcimers, so I am looking for help with a capital H.  The auction and photos are still viewable on Ebay.  If you search for "antique 1890-1910 dulcimer" and once that comes up, use the left hand menu to click on "completed auctions", it will come up in living color and lurid prose.  The seller has gone radio silent to my queries, so I suspect he has no solid information to back up his 'estimate', but Ben Seymour, who restored the instrument, has been most helpful with construction details.  And for the record, the seller and I negotiated a fair final price far, far below the grand he was asking.  I admit to ignorance, but not foolishness.   Any thoughts or information would be much appreciated.