Jethro Amburgy #314 - 1955

Jerry Posner
06/18/15 06:30:07PM

Last week I received a phone call from a delightful woman, who told me that a lady from our local music store mentioned me as someone who loves dulcimers and knows something about them. "I have a beautiful old dulcimer that I bought from a gentleman in Kentucky some years back.  It's not in perfect condition, can you take a look at it?"  So, I have before me, Jethro Amburgy #314, made November 30, 1955.  It has many cracks, all stable.  The headstock is loose from the body, and a tuning peg is missing.  There are a few other "issues" as well.  I don't think restoration would be easy, if indeed possible.  Still, such a pleasure to hold it and examine it!