General Custer Nicholas (1895-1979) dulcimer

Curtis Carlisle Bouterse
07/14/21 11:51:18AM

An interesting instrument from a quirky WVa maker, the label reads (in cursive):

You are my sunshine

aug 1, 1968

General C Nicholas

Very crudely made (of unknown wood) but with fine intonation and a great buzzing sound with its four thin strings.

It is 35 3/4" OA; 28 1/8" VSL; bout widths - 4 3/4", 6"; the body depth is 1 9/16"; fingerboard 1 1/16" wide, 1" deep. There are two soundposts (which pierce the 5/16" back) roughly at the position of the crescent soundholes.

There is a picture of General and his son Art playing similarly decorated instruments and another of Art playing one that seems to have the same scroll.