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Country: Éire

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Joe Bane's (Barndance)

Joe Bane's (Barndance)

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An attempt at flatpicking.
11/19/18 09:39:47AM @val-hughes:

Terry,Dusty thanks for your comments. This tune will be no bother to you Dusty look forward to hear you play it soon.

Terry Wilson
11/18/18 05:29:11PM @terry-wilson:

Wow.....that was sure pretty.   Nice clear picking.

Dusty Turtle
11/18/18 02:25:02PM @dusty-turtle:

Val, this is really nice. I din't know this tune but I'm gonna add it to my "to learn" list and take a stab.  Nice playing!

11/15/18 04:23:17AM @val-hughes:

Thank you all for comments, appreciated.

11/14/18 12:28:10PM @elvensong:

An attempt at flatpicking? lol

This is Winfield-worthy, Val!

Of course to someone living at the epicenter of music, this might seem like an attempt.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful tune!


Robin Thompson
11/13/18 04:40:51PM @robin-thompson:

Really fine, Val.  It is not easy to flatpick cleanly and you do so with apparent ease.  

11/13/18 09:29:15AM @ariane:

Very beautiful, Val!