Learning to play and sing at the same time

Helen Seiler
09/21/15 07:59:12PM

G'day folks, just a summary of what was in the Learning to Sing with Dulcimer video i recently posted. I wanted to have to fret and strum less when i sang a verse and the chorus then play a full version of the song in between. So i got a pencil and wrote out the tab (in my case) of a verse. Then i sang it very slowly to see what the main notes were. That is a notes/words were so that i could fret and strum one note but sing a few words without playing until the next main note/word. As i worked that out i erased from the page the notes i didnt need to play. I eneded up with less than half as many notes to play while singing the verse. I did the same with the chorus. Also, as i have a fairly quiet voice i took one of the double melody strings off to make the dulcimer quieter. As for playing in a key i can sing in, i got some good advice from Ken Backer on that. I now accept that i wont be able to sing every song i want. Some just wont fit my voice. I have tried using a capo but dont like the tone it produces and i prefer DAdd tuning. Both those things might change with time.