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Tom McShane
10/27/22 08:05:01PM
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Dulcimer Moving when I play

Playing and jamming difficulties...HELP ME!

I install an end button and use a regular guitar strap around my waist that ties around the headstock.

Tom McShane
10/26/22 11:06:02AM
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Looking for a Small Dulcimer

Instruments- discuss specific features, luthiers, instrument problems & questions

Just want to throw this in:
I have been making this small dulcimer for years. It's a Teardrop Dulcimer for Kids & Small Hands. 
The reviews on Esty have been very positive. 
If you happen to own one, I would appreciate feedback, and maybe start a discussion. I am always looking for improvements.

During November, I am offering free personalization [see listing]

It can be found here in my Etsy shop:

scholastic_250kb.jpg scholastic_250kb.jpg - 292KB