Better image for Kentucky dulcimer players

09/28/09 06:13:20PM
A very long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Banjimer (Greg Gunner) said in reference to Mary Wheeler, Kentucky Mountain Folk-Songs (Boston, 1937), "There are no pictures of a dulcimer in Wheeler's original book."I just noticed that there actually is one. And since the Kentucky Group on FOTMD doesn't have an avatar (well, OK, there's an outline map) I offer this typical mountain minstrel, from p. viii of Miss Wheeler's book, to fill that void:

That's not J.E. Thomas, is it? Seems to me, I've seen him with a mustache but no beard. Not that one can't stop shaving... Miss Wheeler taught at Hindman in 1926, and the photo may date from that early, though the book came out in 1937.Dick Hulan(former of Hopkinsville, KY)