Burnt Out Cure??

Helen Seiler
05/30/15 05:41:43PM

G'day folks

My health problems have improved (again) but i seemed to have burnt myself out gig wise and am looking for ideas.

Maybe it was a big mistake to play a 3 hr in store busk (with breaks) for 4 Sundays running but i am completely sick of my playlist of about 16 tunes. Cant bear the sound of them or my dulcimer Eeek!!!

Have pulled out my guitar, which i am am only a beginner on but am enjoying the thrill of discovering new familiar simple tunes i can play on it (using my 4 chord Uke book). Also enjoying singing as i play which for some reason i just cant do on dulcimer. I have plateaud again with my dulcimer, i tried a few online lessons but the tunes weren't my type of music so i quickly lost interest, which is a pity as the lessons were well put together.

I have heaps of dulcimer music books but the tunes are either way to complex for me or i simply dont like them and dont have any tricks to liven them up.

I am considering changing my tuning to DAa to see if that helps...i have always loved DAd up until now. I loved the brightness of it. Now i hate it. Eeeek!! again. Any other ideas on getting my dulcimer 'mojo' back again would really be appreciated. I love these new songs i am learning on guitar but dont have the playing skill to adapt them for dulcimer. Has anyone else gone thru this?