Central FL festival in Mt Dora, FL

Marjorie Meinzinger
01/31/16 11:50:38PM

This will be the second time for me to go to Mt Dora and I'm charged!  It was a good festival.  I'm nervous about our accommodations .  Any body know if the Quality Inn is OK.  There was no space at the Hampton where I wanted to go.  I waited too long to call!  Uuuuuurrrggggg!! Anybody on here going.  One lady in my Dulcimer society going here from MI but she's a HD player.  You know MI it's a HD state.  Oh well, my HD friends are pretty nice so I can't "hammer " on them too much.  I might become one someday anyway.  Give a shout on here if you are going and maybe we will bump into each other at the festival.  My best roadie and driver is going - my hubby.  Peggy Carter said she had the dulcimer disease and her husband was the carrier.  That's me too and my husband also.  Pretty nice I'd say!