Are my strings too high off frets?

Brenda Joyce Rivers
02/17/12 09:27:54PM

I feel like my strings are too high off the frets, especially toward the 7th fret up. I know they probably should be lower, but am not sure. I have to press really, really hard on anything over the 6+ fret, and even lower down, I think I should be able to press chords lighter.

This may not be helpful, but i put coins between the strings and frets and this is what they were.

Melody string, fret #2 (a penny fit exactly)

Meldoy string, fret #3 (a quarter fit exactly)

Melody string, fret #4 (a nickel fit exactly)

Melody string, fret #9 (2 dimes fit exactly)

Melody string, fret #10 (2 pennies fit exactly)

Melody string, fret #15 (2 nickels fit exactly)

Any advice.

Also, I think my strings are too far apart on the fret board, maybe just a hair, and the melody string and bass string are very close to the edge of the fretboard and my finger falls off sometimes. Tish changed my melody string, so that it was further away from the edge, but it was not equadistant, and I wasn't used to it, and i changed it back temporarily. I measured and my melody and bass strings are l/8 inch from the edge of the fretboard.

Thanks for any advice.