Back in the saddle

Helen Seiler
01/11/13 03:46:49PM
Hi folks. Well I am back into the saddle again. Yesterday I played my first gig since posting my 'I can't believe I am bored' (thanks again for all the advice on that). I played at the local Chocolate Cafe called Coco Chy. I have played there before in the courtyard but with the heat of summer down here they invited me to play inside. I had a great time, met some nice people with lots of questions and got some really nice thank yous from people as they left. I have an open invite to play there which means more free yummy coffee. I now have my gig playlist that I just rehearse the day before a gig and my other playing time at home is spent on learning 3 new songs that challenge my playing ability. Just a little progress on a more difficult tune is very satisfying. I have ordered a theory book with scales and exercises. But I do have a big distraction being mailed to me on Monday by Dave Lynch of Sweetwoods Music....a cherry and figured maple banjimer....yeehah! +