Quality competition

Helen Seiler
02/16/13 02:30:25AM
Hi guys. I played my regular community market gig today. I am the only musician...at least I was until today. Half way through morning a young incredible bluegrass banjo player turned up. I was asked to take a break so he could play (small market). I was fine with that. The thing is he played for an hour straight without giving me a chance to do a set. I ended up having to ask if he minded if I played a couple of songs. He said no, but then packed up and left. Am I stupid in thinking that if their are two buskers you share the playing time? There was no way I could be heard over a resonator banjo with amp and backing track. Most disappointing thing was that was the first public outing of my new banjimer. After a hour of his great bluegrass I put it back in its case. My basic dulcimer playing sounded pretty ordinary after the stuff he was playing. My playing confidence has really taken a beating today. Has anyone had a similar experience with louder instruments when playing in public?