Jamming experience

Helen Seiler
09/13/13 06:48:26PM

I received an invite by a small group of local folk musicians to join their twice monthly jamming sessions. I was very nervous because I knew they were all very experienced, some performing semi-professionally. I love playing the songs I play but have little theory knowledge of my dulcimer. I have tried to learn the name of the notes of a simple scale but it just doesn't stick in my brain. A few members were away, (they are about to start advertising the group to get more. There were 3 very experienced guitar players and singers and a fellow named Martin who played many instruments including concertina, pipes (recorder type), mandolin and small Scottish pipes (indoor bag pipes). We sat around a big table and took turns at playing a song with the others joining in when they could. I couldn't play along with their songs but they played along with a couple of mine. We did a great version of Liza Jane. Its a great feeling when you play a tune and suddenly there are 4 other instruments playing along with you. Their musical knowledge was a little overwhelming at times but there was one old Australian rock song that was played on guitar that I had previously worked out a dulcimer version of. So John is going to work it out in D on his guitar so we can play it together. One good thing is that I now have a two week deadline to learn some new tunes for the next jam. They were very welcoming and seemed to enjoy what my dulcimer could do. Exhausted the next day but very happy I went. Funniest song of the night was a sea shanty titled....You Can Only Be a Pirate if You Haven't All Your Parts.