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Country: USA

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It's a Bear Jam!

It's a Bear Jam!

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Robin Thompson
09/16/19 02:28:59PM @robin-thompson:

It sounds as though the bears and all enjoyed the jam!  :) Nicely done.  

Steven Berger
09/15/19 10:56:19PM @steven-berger:

This tune puts me in mind of a black bear, ambling around, looking for a snack.

Dusty Turtle
09/15/19 03:33:21PM @dusty-turtle:

Very pretty. flower  Not nearly as chaotic as a bear siting in Yellowstone.

09/15/19 03:17:38PM @bigskywild:

Two different dulcimers were used to record this original tune.  If you've been to Yellowstone then you know how chaotic and crazy it gets when someone spots a bear.