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Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper

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September is "Grasshopper" month in MT. The pesky rascals eat everything in sight. They always seem to be happiest when eating our screen windows. I wrote this original high jumpin' finger picking tune in 2006 to celebrate the grasshoppers. Two dulcimers were used to record this tune, one that has a deep voice and the other with a brighter voice so I could better exemplify the height of the "high jumpin'" hoppers.
Robin Thompson
09/18/19 07:09:45PM @robin-thompson:

A nice tune to mark grasshopper season!  Beats a plague of locusts, perhaps?  :) Well played, Bigskywild!  

Steven Berger
09/15/19 10:32:13PM @steven-berger:

Nice tune, Bigskywild!  Well played, too! Your description of the tune puts me in mind of a 1950's sci-fi movie starring Peter Graves, called "The Beginning Of The End", which is about giant grasshoppers attacking Chicago.what