USB Mic and Audacity

Kimberly C.
01/18/13 08:49:24PM

At the suggestion of many of you who have witnessed the atrocious sound quality of my videos, and because I didn't get one for Christmas (I forgot to tell Santa), I finally purchased a USB microphone. Grin.gif It should be here sometime by the end of next week. I researched several mics, including the Blue Snowflake that a few of you have mentioned as liking. I narrowed down my choices between that one and a Samson Go Mic . After reading several reviews of both mics on Amazon, I finally settled on the Samson. I hope it's a good one. 63.gif It comes with Music Creator software, but I've read in the forums that several of you recommend using Audacity software and a lot of people in the online reviews of the mic said they prefer using Audacity, so I downloaded that this afternoon as well. The software looks complicated, but hopefully once I have my mic and have some time, I can start figuring out how to use it all. I'm sure I'll be asking my FOTMD buddies for lots of help! Smile.gif