Wild Mountain Thyme

Marsha Elliott
01/21/12 10:22:13AM

I was watching a netflicks movie a few days ago, "Stone of Destiny" based on a real story about a group of Edinborough college students who reignited Scottish national pride in the 1950s by stealing back the historical Scottish coronation stone from the British. During the credits at the end they played a beautiful Scottish folk song that I just LOVED the sound of....... Wild Mountain Thyme. I just had to learn to play this one on my dulcimer!

I bet you all know the feeling when a song just reaches out and grabs you by the heartstrings. I am thinking this song may just become my theme song.

I ran to the computer and found tabs on Everything Dulcimer. But one version was finger picking and being a relative beginner I can't finger pick yet. The other version just had the melody strings, but I spent the rest of the evening leaning it.

I would love to find tabs with cords so it will sound fuller. Any help appreciated.